Proven Track Record

Becker Helicopters has a proven track record as a provider of military style helicopter pilot training. Graduating 350 military aviators in the last 10 years.

Becker Helicopters Pilot Academy is fully approved to provide abinitio, and advanced training to a universal military standard. We have a proven track record as a preferred Southern Hemisphere provider of military helicopter pilot training. We are the only company in the Southern Hemisphere delivering a military syllabus through an innovative, efficient, privately owned, civil approved organization.We currently train anywhere between 30-40 military students per year and we are able to expand to meet any client’s requirements.  On average, we complete around 10,000 flight training hours per year, with 2,000 of these NVG-specific.

With 20+ years experience, 30 instructors, a fleet of 17 helicopters and 4 simulators, and an exemplary safety record, we can fully customise an military pilot training program for you.

Recognised by Fort Rucker

Fort Rucker accept our military graduates for advanced flight training.

Becker Helicopters Pilot Academy is fully approved to provide abinitio, and advanced training to a universal military standard. Recognized by Fort Rucker, who accept our military graduates for advanced flight training.

This program can be customised to a client’s requirements, and can incorporate additional skills for example, external loads, hook and hoist, HUET, and SAR/EMS.

Our support services can provide a complete solution including English language, accommodation, TAC officers, and PT, as required by the client.

Our training courses can be customised, and can cover:

  • Basic and Advanced Handling
  • Navigation
  • Tactical Navigation
  • Full Instrument
  • Night unaided
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Basic lead-in tactical training such as formation and terrain flight operations
  • On time and on budget
  • Flexible and tailored training solutions based on client needs
  • Experienced with a proven record
  • Exemplary safety record
  • Accredited CASA Part 141 training school
  • Registered Training Organisation with CRICOS approval
  • Great location
  • standardized training platform with glass cockpit technology
  • standardized flight simulation training devices
  • established and proven training program
  • full in-house theory solution
  • detailed reporting and grading
  • wings graduation
  • issue internationally recognized qualifications
  • initial or integrated General and Aviation English language
  • a range of student welfare solutions including student accommodation, personal fitness training, TAC Officers and more…