Becker Helicopters uses a student management system to record, track and report on student progress.

Trip Sheets

After each and every flight, the instructor completes a trip sheet, recording the details of the flight, and provides feedback to the student. Students get the opportunity to read their trip sheet, and discuss it with their instructor.

Weekly Debriefs

Every week, instructors prepare a weekly debrief for each student.  The aim of the debrief is to give the student feedback on how they are progressing overall.  The debrief covers a student’s progress, weaknesses, strengths and provides some overall guidance.  These debriefs are reviewed and signed off by the Head of Training Operations.


As well as every flight, theory days, theory exam results, sick days, weather days, and approved leave are all recorded.  This provides an accurate picture of a student’s progress, which can be tracked against the syllabus timeline.


A range of reports can be generated to help keep clients informed on the progress of their students.

  • Progress of student groups against the syllabus.
  • Weekly debriefs compiled by student group.
  • Theory results by student group.
  • Flight log book for each student.
  • Competency matrix for each phase of training.
  • Progress tracking of remedial.
  • A Snapshot (dashboard) overview of progress.