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We offer the military organisation the option of fiscally responsible training programs for groups of students.  Outsourcing to us means that the military organisation does not tie up its own personnel or platforms, and therefore the training process does not detract from its military responsibilities.  We get the bulk of the training done so the military organisation can stay focused on operational need.

Initial Entry Pilot Training programs are one of the most obvious and historically expensive aspects of a defence budget.  We can provide flexibility of platform all maintained in our own purpose-built maintenance facility, experienced ex-military instructors, a range of training areas in close proximity to base, great weather, and uncongested airspace.  We get on with the job of applying the best use of technology and instructional design techniques to deliver high-quality and solutions-based training, on time and on budget.  This allows the defence agency client to focus its resources on its core business of defence.

Critically, we are able to complete training within a tighter time line and within a smaller budget, free from bureaucratic restraints and in ideal training areas.

Trainee pilots picking up helmets in preparation for a training flight