Our client required an urgent repair of a shipping channel marker, in one of Queensland’s busiest coal shipping lanes, that had been storm damaged.

Becker Helicopters mobilised a crew to fly 12 nautical miles offshore from Hay Point, Mackay, to the shipping channel marker to repair its light fixture. Normally the job would be done by buoy tender vessel, however the ladder of the channel marker had been damaged so the only access was by air.

The job involved flying out with the three crew; hovering while one crewman deplaned with tools, radio and parts; position aircraft for crewman to hand back equipment to third crewman, and emplane; fly back to Mackay airport to reconfigure for the ferry home. The job was completed in a minimum of time.  Safety and work method briefings were conducted with the client prior to flight, maximising efficiency on site.

We were able to successfully deliver this job for the client due to:

  • our CASA approvals for specialist operations including emplane/deplane.
  • appropriate aircraft for the job with plenty of room and open cockpit
  • pilot experience and skills
  • experienced crewmen

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