Lifting Building Materials

Our client needed building materials lifted to the roof of Catalina Resort, 51 Sixth Avenue, Maroochydore for an apartment renovation.

Becker Helicopters dispatched an experienced crew to conduct this aerial work job. Leading up to the lift date, intensive planning included site inspections, development of a lift plan, tenant notifications, body corporate approval, and police notifications.

This job was a success due to:

  • Extensive pre-job planning.
  • Good communication with the client and adherence to contractor OH&S policies.
  • Experienced crew in long-line operations.
  • On the day of the lift, crew was prepositioned so the helicopter did not need to land.  Crew performed a hover hook up.
  • The long line operation remained within the confines of the building site for the duration of the lift.
  • Signalmen were on the ground at the staging area and on the roof at the delivery site with constant radio contact with the pilot.

Jobs such as this require specific CASA approvals, notifications, and a range of tasks from an extensive preparatory checklist.  This significant preparatory work needs to be factored into job timing –  90% of the work must be done before the actual helicopter job can occur.

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