Found the Mike Becker Hand Book a very useful tool and a lot easier to read than other helicopter handbooks.  Jan and Mike are friendly people and do their best to make you feel welcome.  They have a wealth of experience in their instructors, and their training is very professional and of a high standard

Tunui Wano, New Zealand

The look of the school is fresh and professional.  The multi instructors give you a lot of extra experience and help you to look at the training in different ways.  Also the sling-load course is an experience not to miss.  The experience of the instructors is something that will help you further your career.

Andre Scholte, Netherlands

Becker Helicopters are an innovative and professional organisation; they are always looking for ways to improve.  This approach to teaching offers students the right balance of theory and practice, which is sure to see them evolve in the next millennium.  Mikes approach to the industry is passionate, and I found his passion to be contagious.  If you are considering the plunge don’t procrastinate, just do it!  I have no hesitation at all in recommending Becker Helicopters to those who want to fly.

Patrick Parker, Australia

I recommend Becker Helicopters for the professional and courteous attitude, which was given to me.  Theory notes were absolutely excellent and very effective and get you thinking about what you are doing.

Robert Slater, Australia

Organisational, high profile, respect for individual needs and friendly and helpful.  Becker is by far the best choice when it comes to training, setup, instructors and operations

Rene Knudsen, Denmark

The training is in-depth and practical, the instructors know their stuff, and their personal service is second to none.

Lee Johnson, Australia

Wonderful experience training with Becker Helicopters … made some great friends … felt well supported by everyone … the quality of camaraderie and equipment was great .

Becker Helicopters main strengths are attitude and atmosphere, knowledge, and attention to detail .

Brendon Cleaver, Colorado USA

“Mountain flying is a huge plus … Recommending Becker Helicopters is easy.  Mike and Jan are both easy to talk to and very knowledgeable about their training and also our career prospects, which is important as we all need a job after the hard work is done

Fergus Ponder, Australia

When I arrived back in the States I had 138 hours logged but my USA instructors thought I flew like a 300 – 400 hour pilot … I was ahead of my US peers thanks to the quality of Becker training

Jack Ferguson, Golden, Colorado. USA

Very clean, friendly, helpful … my English ability was not excellent but I could achieve my aim

Junji Amano, Osaka, Japan