Re-issue of Certificates

If you have misplaced your original AQF Certification Documentation, you may apply to have them reissued.

This will include copies of:

  • Certificates, and
  • Statements of Attainment.


All applications for the reissue of qualifications must be received in writing or by completing the form below, with:

  • sufficient detail to identify the applicant,
  • sufficient detail to identify the appropriate AQF certification documentation,
  • agreement to the reissue fee, and
  • instructions for the release and delivery of the documentation.

Reissue Fee

A reissue fee of applies to all applications to reissue Qualification Certificates and associated Statements of Attainment.

International Students

Electronic – USD 150

Printed – USD 250

Australian Students

Electronic – AUD 150

Printed – AUD 250


As per Clause 3.4 and Schedule 5 of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015, Becker Helicopters retains a record of all statements of attainment issued for a period of 30 years.  The data retained includes sufficient detail to allow authentication of the learner and the reissue of AQF certification documentation previously issued. Since the release of the Student Identifiers Act 2014, this information is retained in the USI Register.  Previous to this, historical records are maintained in separate Historical Qualifications Register.